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According to the policy of PTT (LA0) Co., Ltd., which focuses on building trust and responsibility for stakeholders as a whole in accordance with the principles of good corporate governance and business principles of PTT (LAO) Co., Ltd.


You can file a complaint, recommendation or inquire about PTT (LAO) by calling (85621) 453391 ຫຼື ຜ່ານທາງ Email: ໂດຍທີ່ຜູ້ຮ້ອງຮຽນຈະຕ້ອງແຈ້ງຂໍ້ມູນປະກອບການຮ້ອງຮຽນໄດ້ແກ່ ຊື່ຜູ້ຕິດຕໍ່ ເບີໂທລະສັບ ອີເມວຜູ້ຕິດຕໍ່ ຊື່ເລື້ອງ ແລະ ລາຍລະອຽດການຮ້ອງຮຽນ ເພື່ອເປັນປະໂຫຍດຕໍ່ການແຈ້ງຜົນການດຳເນີນງານ.


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